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How to Stop Puppy From Chewing Everything

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As much as you enjoy your new addition there is nothing worse than finding your new pair of shoes chewed up in your closet. Inappropriate chewing is quite common in young dogs and typically comes from the idea that puppies utilize their mouths to explore the world. If you do not correct this problem early on it can lead to a very costly wide spread of destruction of your personal belongings and can even lead to medical problems for your dog if they chew on the wrong things. Below are five steps to take to get your puppy to stop chewing on things they have no business.

Rule Out Medical Complications

First you need to make sure that your puppy is not ill. There are some nutritional deficiencies that can be a direct relation to poor dieting. In order to ensure the health of your puppy, schedule a well visit with your veterinarian so that they can check for common digestive conditions.

Proof Your House

Just like you cover up all the electrical sockets and remove hazards chemicals from the reach of a child, you will have to do the same for your puppy. Look around your house for anything that could be potentially dangerous if your puppy chews on it. Remove cleaners, electrical cords, and other things out of their way. Remove things such as your shoes, kids toys, and more that might attract the attention of the puppy. Also block access to rooms that have too many things to remove or are not puppy proofed.

Encourage Chewing Appropriately

There are chew toys that can be found at your local pet supply store that should be introduced to your puppy. This might be raw hide, dog bones, ropes, dog toys, and more. Making sure you don’t get anything that resembles household items such as a shoe, get a few different chew options for your puppy to try out. Reward them and play with them as they chew on the right things so that they start to understand what is appropriate and what isn’t.

Disciplining for Inappropriate Chewing

At this point you should have already gotten the puppy’s chewing habits down to a minimum. However, there are still going to be times when your puppy will test you. If you find your dog chewing on something they’re not supposed to be correct the dog by firmly stating no while looking them in the eyes. Also remove the object from their reach. Then direct the puppy’s attention to an item that they can chew. By repeating this every time they chew inappropriately, you will soon train them to know what is off limits and what is ok.

Last but certainly not least you must remember to engage in play time with your puppy. A dog that has spent a better part of the day having a great time is less likely to want to cause mischief. Playing with your dog reinforces the bond you two have with each other, and also works wonders for exhausting all the energy your puppy might have had for scouring the house for things to chew on.

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