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What’s the Best Toys for Your Puppy?

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Picking out a safe toy for your dog to play with actually requires more than grabbing the first brightly colored dog toy you see. There are actually several different factors that you’ll want to take into consideration as you are browsing through dog toys that will be most appropriate for your pet. A few of the most important factors are as follows:

  • The response factor that your dog may have to specific types of sounds
  • The breed and size of your dog
  • The style and type of toy that your dog prefers playing with the most
  • The age of your dog

Squeaky toys are a very popular type of dog toys that can be a great treat that most dogs enjoy. However, before buying this type of item you will want to pay special attention to how your dog responds to the noises that these toys make. The general response to squeaky noises that come from a wide assortment of dog toys will generally arouse a dog’s curiosity and provide hours of fun playtime. There are some dogs however that show nothing but fear of toys like this.

The size and particular breed of your dog is also an important factor. It can be very hazardous to offer larger sized dogs small toys because they are often too easy for these dogs to swallow. When smaller breeds are offered toys that are much too large for them they will typically become frustrated and bored very quickly. To ensure your pet is able to get a lot of playtime, excitement, and exercise from the toys you provide, make sure they are appropriate to his size.

Just as every dog is different, so are the specific preferences that many of them have. While it may be easy to grab one dog’s attention with a simple rubber ball, other dogs prefer to play with soft plush colorful toys. Pay attention to the habits of your pet and select dog toys that fit his individual likes and personality.

The age of a dog is another important factor that should be considered when dog toys are purchased. It is common knowledge that many varieties of chew toys are usually a great toy for a puppy or young dog. However, older dogs do not have the strong need to constantly chew like a puppy does. Toys that add a little more complexity into the mix are often a good idea for older dogs. This will help to promote exercise that is so important for older dogs and they are not nearly as likely to be sniffed and forgotten as a simple chew toy might be.

As you offer a new toy to your dog, you might want to think about putting one or two of his old toys up for a while and then rotating them every now and again. This will keep them from becoming old and boring to your pet. When you give it back to him, he will feel as if he’s getting a brand new toy all over again.

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